Monday, 31 January 2022



So, the anticipation is over:-
I just checked all the electrical plugs were plugged, pushed the "Spitfire starter button" & the engine turned over - but just before I released the button - was that a cough? I pushed the starter again & yes it was definitely trying, pushed the button one more time & it fired & ran.

There's issues - there's always issues, there's a high pitched ringing sound, I thought it was a loose bracket, but I tightened it up & it made no difference, also the battery light stayed on. Investigations into these will begin when the last of the cooling system arrives

Just before hitting the start button I'd fitted covers to the HT lead connectors, usually on a Zetec the HT leads come from the back of the engine, so all are different lengths & will only fit the plug they are supposed to go to, mine come up the side of the engine & are all the same length, so I drew up & printed the numbered covers so I can tell which lead is which.

Oh yes - the "STYLUS twin cam" badge is a new print as well.

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