Friday 21 January 2022

Engine's Back In!

 The copper tube I was waiting for to replace the fuel hose arrived last night, so this morning it was un-coiled & fitted, which left me no excuse for not fitting the engine. It was pretty straight forward, there's plenty of space as long as the engine is tipped tail down to get the clutch into the bell housing while keeping the pulleys above the suspension rocker arms.

There's loads still to do of course, the exhaust & throttle bodies need to be properly fitted & all the electrics need to be connected up, fuel & cooling systems, starter etc BUT, it's a major step along the road, there are naturally a couple of issues, which if this were one of the car modification / restoration shows would be a MAJOR problem causing untold cost / time over-runs & at least two hissy-fits. For example the air filter is 2mm from the new brake reservoir - way too close. I'll deal with it, it just needs a little thinking about. My plan to replace the air filter with an airbox & remote filter may be about to happen "now", rather than "in the fullness of time" 

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