Wednesday 19 January 2022


 The Stylus is down off the stands & once again on it's wheels on the garage floor. My plan was to put the engine back in today, but I've found some cracking in a fuel pipe that runs right through the transmission tunnel, so I'm going to replace it with copper & renew the hoses at either end - So the car'll be getting jacked up again.

On the up-side I've picked up the seat cushions from the upholsterer & fitted them to the seats & fitted the seats back in the car & I have to say they look pretty splended.

When I bought the car, I thought the seats were too modern for the look I wanted, but even cheap seats were expensive & the diamond quilting in these inserts makes them look more retro.

They need sitting in to press the creases in properly, but I'm pretty pleased with the result.

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