Monday 31 January 2022

Air Of Anticipation

The fuel system is complete & tested, the old starter is in place (new one arrives any time now), the air filter will arrive from the excellent chaps at Car Builder Solutions in a day or two, so the engine bay is all done except for the last heater hose & a lingering query over the clutch.

I did try a speculative start yesterday, but the engine didn't want to play & I had no time fo any investigation before I went to my brother's.

Yes, the engine is supposed to be biased towards the passenger side, it's a Sylva design feature to off-set the weight of the driver.

The plan at my brother's was to turn up an adaptor to put the old steering wheel from his Hot Rod onto the quick release on the Stylus (yes I need to pay a visit to Margnor & get bolts). I finished the adaptor plate this morning, so the interior is complete except for new five point harnesses & I'm undecided between blue & orange. My gut feel is orange, but I wonder if they would look too lairy in what is now quite a "vintage" looking car.


In the fullness of time I probably need to do something about those stalk switches.

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