Friday 18 February 2022

Brighter Wheels!!

It's been a blustery day here today, the tree in my garden lost a 12ft long x 4in diameter branch which I had to retrieve from the garage roof before it blew away & then I was looking out of the back window when my neighbour's greenhouse went by. It's a lightweight affair with a steel tube frame & plastic sheet covering & it came to rest against a tree, so I braved the storm & took the cover off & manhandled the frame into my garden. It's a little bent, but shoud be fixable

But onto more important things, having proved the wheels would fit - albeit with a couple of minor modifications - I set about masking them up & getting some colour on them. I've done quite well, I've got the side flashes & all four wheels done from one can of paint. But by the time the parts I needed arrived I had precious little time to cut down & fit the studs & get the wheels on, torqued & the car off the stands before the sun went down, so you'll have to make do with a photo from an odd angle in the garage.

Now isn't that just the cat's pyjamas?

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