Sunday 7 November 2021


Up early this morning & out in the Quantum - there was a blatt on.

I'd been hesitant all week because I had a niggling cold that wasn't anything much, but equally, wasn't going away either. Even the night before I'd decided I probably wouldn't be going, but set the alarm anyway & as luck would have it, the following morning I felt OK - OK for someone who's just been woken at 05:45 anyway.

I arrived at the meet point from the north just as GB arrived from the south & we sat awaiting the arrival of two others - there would be three lotii & me. One arrived pretty much on time, but no sign of the other. GB's phone rang "we're here at the meet point - here - at the caravan sales place. Can you google it on your phone?" Ten minutes passed in spite of the Exige driver being in the same village, he'd failed to find us. GB's phone rang again & shortly afterwards the Exige arrived.

We set off, as I was still a little under the weather I kept the hood firmly on & stayed at the back. Immediately the Lotii shot out of sight, followed by me missing a left turn & having to turn around. I was thinking of heading back as the thought of 100 miles driving alone didn't appeal, but I persevered & much to my surprise I caught them up only about five miles later.

We toured the lanes of Sussex & Kent & after a while we parked up in a farm entrance. It looked like it could be a bit tight, so I abandoned the Q on the other side of the road. Sure enough there was a sparce but steady stream of cars & pick-ups turning in. When we were rested, I set off first & had gone some way when the Lotus' appeared in the mirror & I quickened the pace a little. I'm not sure if the gear selector is getting better, or if I'm just getting used to it, but there wasn't a single fluffed gearchange. After a pleasant drive we eventually parked up as Isfield Station for breakfast. Somehow GB was there first having lost us at a junction, but there was bad news for the Q. One of the headlamp flaps was dangling forlornly in the headlamp well (hence the title), the hinge pin had worked it's way out & the hinge halves had separated. I removed the linkage & stowed it in the car. After breakfast one of the Lotus owners approached me & said "what engine have you got in that - it goes really well", I may have left them behind once or twice (ahem).

On my return home I looked for something to replace the hinge pin & found a long split pin which was slightly too big - I mean REALLY slightly. I put it in the drill chuck & spun it in some wet & dry paper for a few minutes & it fitted, I greased it & tapped it in, there was just enough leg to tap that to hopefully stop it coming out again, so all's well with the Quantum again - well apart from all the things I want to fix when I get it in the garage - hopefully next week.

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