Tuesday 16 November 2021

Back On The Ground

I may have found the cause of the handbrakes problem, on having it all in bits there was a scrape mark on the inside face of one shoe made by the lever that the handbrake cable pulls on. a swift tap with a hmmer had it passing the shoe as it should & having re-assembled it, the brkes come on more or less evenly - still not very well, but even at least. Having done that I fitted the new exhaust bracket, swapped the back wheels to the front & adjusted the side windows so they roll up & down nicer - the passenger side rear guide chanel was held in place with a block of expanded polystyrene. It's now done properly. With the car back on its wheels I did the merry dance that is swapping the car round & the Q is back on the drive awaiting a visit to the tyre shop to pick up two new Uniroyal Rain Experts & get the tracking checked.

I then spent another hour in the gagarge faffing with the Stylus, trying to get the best arrangement for strapping the hood down. After a number of ideas its now strapped between the roll bar & the rear bulkhead & it seems to work quite well,

Nothing exciting came in the post today

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