Saturday, 30 October 2021

Brake Lights

 I was sitting in the car a while ago & I pushed the brake pedal - the brake lights seemed to take a long time to come on, so I tried again & realised that as the brake lights are switched by a hydraulic switch, they come on when the brakes are on, NOT when the pedal is pressed. In theory I could be braking gently & the lights wouldn't come on at all.

To improve this & give someone following me just that split second longer to react I bought a microswitch & today I've fitted it to the pedal.

The pedals are inevitably billet alloy jobs & heavier than they need to be (I'd say they are heavier than the plate steel ones the Fury had), but the good thing is that the actual foot pad bit unbolts so I was able to make up a small bracket & mount the microswitch to the top of the pedal, triggered by a bolt head in the footwell roof. Nothing can hit anything else & the pedal travel isn't restricted at all.

I kept thinking "the last thing I must do is fit all this to the car without photographing it for the blog" & sure enough, the last thing I did..........

So you'll have to make do with the couple of poor shots here. The first one shows the pedals - I really should make an alloy cover for the throttle pedal - in the second one you can just see the new bracket & the triggering bolt above it.

Next job is to wire them into the circuit just by the brake reservoirs, which has an added bonus that I can also wire in a disused brake hydraulic switch which was fitted in the rear brake line (so presumably took even longer to come on). After all this the brake lights will have double redundant switching. I wouldn't plan it that way, but since it's there I might as well make use of it.

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