Saturday 9 October 2021


 With the media created fuel crisis still in full swing I still didn't wan to use the Cactus, so still couldn't swap the cars around or do anything serious to the Stylus, but there were things that could be achieved. One of these was to make space in the front bulkhead for a proper header tank to a/ get rid of the heavy stainless air separator attached to the chassis by only two bolts out of four, right at one end & b/ to give the cooling system some resilience in the form of an extra litre of water.

The fuse / relay box was mounted on the firewall to a very thin Carbon fibre panel which had been riveted glued on with most of a glue gun cartridge, I drilled the rivets & gingerly peeled it off revealing a number of holes of various sizes. After pulling the fuse box this way & that I decided where I wanted it & made up an aluminium panel that would fit & riveted it on with rubber edging all round the hole for the wiring (something it lacked before), so now I just need the credit card bill to arrive so I can order the new header tank.

I also started looking at the front indicators as the wiring inside the wheel arches looked wrong - too many wires - I took the headlights out & found this. The LED headlight units have built in LED indicators so there was a relay to turn off the side lights when the indicators were on, but the old LED indicators were still in the bowls as well as the original indicators still being in the bodywork below the headlights. 

I took out all the relay wiring so the built in indicators won't work, Then took out the Lucas indicators & replaced the metal gubbins with an aluminium disc with the formally hidden LED indicators in & now it all works & is simpler.

There were a few horrors, the power for the indicators had been taken by stripping the insulation from the feed wire, wrapping another wire round it by a couple of turns, then wrapping the whole in insulating tape. No solder, no connectors, in a wheelarch where it's all going to get wet.

^^This is the wiring that came out of just the headlight bowls.

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