Tuesday 26 October 2021

More Stuff

The postman arrived with no fewer than FOUR parcels for me. There was:-

Mmmm - shiny

The reverse water pump.

A new screenwash hose as the one on the car was slightly too short to make a nice "run".

Two lengths of heater hose (8 & 10mm) to make the air bleed pipe the cooling system didn't have.

A brass hosetail to replace the radiator fan switch.

The re-plumbing of the cooling system continues apace! The water pump with a reverse impeller - beautifully made by IKEngineering) arrived very well packed the day after it was posted, I only called to order it on Saturday, so very pleased with the service & quality. That means the slightly under-driven pump has only three pulleys & an idler, so it all looks neat.

The hose means the previously blocked off air bleed in the radiator will now vent to the header tank which will allow a little more water into the radiator.

The hosetail as I said will replace an un-used fan switch in the water rail (it'll be wired up & re-located closer to the engine in a position where it's permanently submerged), the hosetail is now the highest point in the system (except for the header tank) & will ensure the system is entirely full of coolant by allowing air back to the tank (due tomorrow). None of these things is going to make a dramatic - or even noticeable difference, but they all build in a little more "resilience" to the system.

In other news, I've booked the hotel for next year's "RogueRunners" road trip, in Northumberland, so now I just need to write eight routes & build a car reliable enough to take.

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