Monday 9 August 2021

Really REALLY Bored With Wiring

 To be fair I have almost finished.

The dash will be removable - the clock fascias will be removable from the dash. The wires for the clocks & warning lights will go into a connector, out the other side & straight to their destination. This appears to be radical thinking on my part.

What the wire will no longer do is come out of the car loom, into a connector, out the other side onto the dash loom, into another connector & back into the car loom. All the wires on the dash side of a connector will go to things on the dash - they will NOT go to things on the car thus preventing the dash from being removed. Wires going to a connector will NOT pass both sides of wires in other looms so locking the whole thing into a birds nest of epic proportions.

Whether the car ever works again is another matter of course.

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