Sunday 1 August 2021

Quantum News

 A few things have happened - most importantly it passed it's first MoT since the conversion. I took it to Silvester's in Guildford where they charge the full price & spend an hour going over the car properly, which is what I want - I'm an engineer, but I'm not infallible. It passed with no advisories & a couple of days later having now covered about 150 miles, it went back to the rolling road, where it got set up & hit 131.6bhp which I was quite pleased with. It means it has the same power to weight ratio as the X-Flow Fury - 175bhp / tonne.

It actually drives very nicely now, the gear change still isn't great, I think it would benefit from softer suspension & if it was 1/2" higher the exhaust wouldn't scrape on my drive (I need to do this as it has adjustable ride height), but it's 99% of the way there & a world away from the rather sad, dilapidated car I bought a year ago, it has a spring in it's step now. I need to wash it & take it out for a photo shoot.

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