Thursday 12 August 2021

Almost Finished Wiring


There's just one more wire to tidy & shorten & one more to connect up & the mammoth dash replacement is done. Done enough to drive anyway. I'm waiting for ETB to send the new 80mm clocks, but Ive used the plugs & wiring from the 100mm ones & cut the holes already, so it should be a quick job when they arrive. I also need an ignition switch as the Escort one was deep under the dash & weighed 3/4kg.

When everything's done I'll trim it & a lot of the rest of the car with cream vinyl because I liked how that looked in the Fury.

Not the best of pictures, but you can see the warning lights work & the gauge lighting is on, what you can't hear is the demist fan & the indicator beeper working. I always fit a beeper as with the roof off the flasher unit can't be heard & the warning lights don't show up too well in bright sun - but - I also always fit a switch in the beeper earth because if I ever had to sit at the side of a road withe the hazards on I'd be a gibbering wreck by the time the recovery man arrived.

Also on are the new stalk switches, they were an essential as the old ones weren't working properly, but in the fullness of time I may well modify them to look a bit less "Escort"

Here's a heap of most of the wiring I've removed.

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