Sunday 6 November 2016

Rebuilding Begins In Earnest

Today I got the suspension back on the car, the bolts that needed wire locking were wire locked, the others are still loose - I can't tighten them  until the engine's back in & the weight's on the wheels, but the are brakes re-connected though not bled (must remember that bit).

Then I should've made up & fitted 15 or so angle brackets for the belly pan, what I actually did was look at the wiring. Some of it was a later addition for things like the spot & day running lights & was in separate conduits / tubes, so I spent a while (three hours!) re-running it all into the original tubing, & replacing sticky & peeling insulating tape with self amalgamating tape which while neither of those things make a huge difference to the car, it does tidy up the engine bay a bit.

That's two things off the to do list though.

Next weekend if time allows I'll:-
Torque up the flywheel bolts
Fit the clutch
Fit the wheels
Drop the car back onto its suspension
Fit the engine

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