Friday 11 November 2016

Belly Pan - First Piece in Place

Today being a Friday I got into the garage early & made a start. Mrs Blatter wants the Fury bonnet out f the conservatory, so I need to put the engine back in the car, but first, I needed to put the belly pan brackets onto the chassis - at least those closest to the engine.

Some time ago - at my last employer I was handed a test piece - a sheet of aluminium with some 6inch louvres punched into it. This has now taken it's place under the pedal box & I've made a template for the other belly panels.

I found in my local nut & bolt emporium these link sealed pop rivets. Like normal pop rivets, but they form a seal when set, so no moisture gets into the chassis rails, I also wet-assembled them with polyurethane sealant to keep the moisture on the outside. So armed with them & the louvred panel I climbed under the car & this was the result.

Once the engine is in I'll be making the rest of the belly pan which will also be louvred to draw warm air from the engine bay.

It'll also look fantastic - a pity then that the only person who'll ever see it is the MoT man.

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