Sunday 13 November 2016

On The road To The Road

The Fury's on its' way back! yesterday I re-fitted the engine after fixing the wiring to the pedal box, drilling the pedal box beams & bolting them on properly, painting the engine mounts & drilling the chassis for the second Fisher mount & cutting some weight off it. So the car was dropped back on its’ wheels ready to be turned round in the garage & have the bonnet re-fitted. As I’ve fitted new engine mount rubbers, I’m hoping the bonnet will still fit over the engine – it’s pretty marginal.

After yesterday’s heavy labour, this morning I just turned the car round in the garage & did some pottering, tidying the engine bay mostly. I re-routed the radiator air bleed a little, re-routed the fuel lines so the follow a prettier & shorter route & I also removed the now redundant alternator drive belt pulley as the shorter belt is on order. Adding up the weight savings, I think the bellhousing saves 5kg, the starter another 2, the pulley shaves 250g, & the oil separator will save another kg. with the various pipe shortenings & wire re-routes saving on conduit & fittings, I think I’m pushing a 10kg loss which should pay for the belly pan & boot lid.

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