Friday 18 November 2016

Starter's In

IMGP0342.JPGThe starter is in. In the end it was nothing to do with the dirt plate. A fresh look showed that a lump on the sump was JUST stopping the starter fitting. Two minutes with the Dremel & it slid past the hump, straight into place.  So that's "a bit of a worry" dealt with. Pretty soon I'll wire in the battery & check it all works properly.

Staying in the same area, I took off the enormous oil separator tank & in 15 mins made a 4mm thick aluminium cover plate, at some point (soon) I'll put a take-off in it & lead a hose up to the tank.

Then I did some plumbing & found out the hard way that the cheap Polo radiators don't have the small metal tube in the vent pipe to stop it breaking off - Ah - I'd go so far as to say ....... bugger.

So I looked round the garage & found some very thin wall titanium tube (as you do) & having scraped up the outer surface to provide a "key", araldited it in place - hopefully it'll be OK.

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