Monday, 18 April 2022

Adding More Lightness

After having the car weighed at 563kg it occurred to me (several days after) that that figure included the tools, the jack & the jump leads I'd taken as insurance, so the car is actually well under 650kg with more to lose when the fuel tank gets changed (still waiting for the welding). But in the mean time I was wandering round the car wondering if there was anything else I needed to do before this year's road trip when my eyes fell on the soft top frame brackets. They were 3mm stainless & while not large & overweight, they had both been drilled in the wrong place & re-drilled by a previous owner, so looked a bit unsightly. They were also rivetted on with 4mm countersunk rivets with the formed tail in the fibreglass side, so had worked loose.

I found a piece of 3mm aluminium left over from the steering wheel adaptor, made a couple of triangles & this time bolted them on. It's only a few ounces saved, but more importantly it doesn't shout "I MADE A MISTAKE WHEN I DRILLED THESE" like the old ones did.

A couple of days ago when bored I took the car round to see an old friend, who looked round it, stood back & said "yes - you've done it again haven't you" - which at the time I took to be positive, though now I come to think of it ................

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