Wednesday 30 December 2020

More CADing

 Following on from the last post where I'd drawn up the plenum & the throttle body in CATIA V5, I then refined the design & re-drew it in SolidWorks as I find it more intuitive.

Looking at the compound angle cut in the plenum I realised there was a lot of space on the flat closing plate, which was an ugly feature so I moved the TB as far to one side as I could get it & yes, there was just enough room for the Idle Speed Control Valve.

The way the system works is that the butterfly in the TB shuts off the airflow to the engine, but there is a bypass drilling that allows air past the butterfly into a chamber in the base of the TB. This chamber is connected via a pipe within the Ford inlet manifold to the ISCV which meters air into the engine to allow it to idle at the correct speed. As I'm not using the Ford inlet I needed to duplicate this system.

This is the same view as above but with the TB & the ISCV removed, you can see the 3D printed mounting block with the large hole for the main airway & beneath it the collector chamber for the bypass air. To the right are 2 holes for mounting the ISCV, an upper hole coming from the collector chamber & a lower hole straight into the plenum.

This is the same view again with the mounting block shown transparent & the airway through it highlighted.

Hopefully this should all work wonderfully well. I am a little concerned about the temperature resistance of the 3D printing, but the Ford inlet manifold is thermoplastic & that's in direct contact with the cylinder head, this will be well away, thermally insulated by the silicone hoses & cooled by the airflow, so fingers crossed.

Also currently un-reported in this organ - the engine I bought was missing an upper cam belt cover. On the Fury I made a cover from aluminium to make the engine look older that it was. That's not a consideration on the much more modern looking Quantum, so I drew one up & printed it, for the first time I changed filament colours in mid-print & was quite please with the result.

It's certainly a unique touch.

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