Saturday 5 December 2020

Another Busy Day

 Yesterday evening I put a coat of silver Hammerite over the black POR-15 on the front subframe - I wanted light grey, but Hammerite don't seem to do grey, greenish grey, purpleish grey, but no greyish grey, so I went for silver. Many people insist that black is the only colour for a chassis, but I think it just makes it hard to see anything you've dropped & impossible to see any cracks.

Anyway, this morning I fitted the Zetec to the gearbox & gave the subframe another coat.


Then I carried on with the fuel plate, it's almost finished, just waiting on some hose connectors really, I also made a bracket to support the two fuel lines & turned them to point towards the fuel plate - not the tank.

So looking at the picture on the right (underneath the car, looking forward under the back seat), the fuel will come from the tank on the left, through the filter attached to the low pressure pump (boxy thing in the middle), turn left into the swirl pot  (silver box mounted at a jaunty angle - deliberatly), from there it'll drop through the fat hose & up into the high pressure pump (vertical, right hand side, through the high pressure filter & into the pipe to the front of the car, the return line from the fuel rail comes into the other connector into the swirl pot & air & excess fuel comes out of the banjo connector at the top of the swirl pot & returns to the tank. The thing going across half way up is one of the handbake cables .

I couldn't finish it as I'm still waiting on a couple of connectors, so I turned my attention to the boot & made up a false floor to cover the spare wheel & battery. As you can see the remaining boot is still plenty big enough. I'll finish this off tomorrow

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