Wednesday, 16 December 2020


 I got very little done last weekend as I was waiting on parts, but a small hose adapter arrived yesterday & today a cam belt & water pump kit arrived. The elbow 6-8 dia adapter enabled me to finish the plumbing of the fuel plate, so this afternoon as there was not much of anything going on at work, I came home & fitted it, making off all the hoses & connecting up all the wires EXCEPT the earth for the high pressure pump, which I'l do after the system is flooded as I don't want the pump spinning dry while the low pressure pump sucks some fuel out of the tank & fills the swirl pot. I all looks OK, but can't be tested yet.

With that done I could <drum roll> put the rear wheels back on & drop the back of the car back onto the garage floor.

Then it was a fairly simple matter of changing the water pump, pulleys and cam belt for the new ones, all though the old ones were in perfectly good condition really, but it's going to be a pain to change them when the engine's in the car. The remaining parts went into the parts washer & tomorrow they'll get a coat of paint, screwed back on & the whole power train is ready for the big install at the weekend.


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