Thursday 19 November 2020

Angle Grinder All Used Up

 Acouple of weeks ago the angle grinder started getting unreliable. I looked at the brushes & they were worn down to the last couple of mm, so I ordered a new pair. Yesterday the speed started wavering so I looked at the brushes & the new ones were a coulple of mm long. I guess the armature has worn away then. New angry grinder on order. I shalln't do an un-boxing video.

Why has the angry grinder worn out? Well I've about finished the welding of the front sub-frame & even carried out a static test by lifting the front of the car with it.

I've also mostly taken off the black powder coat (with a wire bruch in the angle grinder) & cleaned the oil off the front bulkhead (see it's gleaming whiteness!), so now I need to apply some sealant to the holes in the sub-frame & then paint with anti-corrosion paint & then top coat. Pale grey I think. A lot of people insist that black is the only colour for a chassis, but it makes it so much harder to see cracks & that little screw you dropped into the depths of the engine bay.

Also on the jobs list for today was a good wire brushing & a coat of paint on the engine block. Usually I go for red, but on this car it's blue. The cam box may well get the red stripped & left natural alloy. There's a few ancillary parts that will need a coat of black when I next have a pot open.

In a bizarre twist of fate, the engine & gearbox from the Fury appeared in a FaceAche ad today, I don't have an account, but one of the chaps on the SKCC forum saw it & posted a link. I wonder if the next owner will like - or even use - the throttle linkage & sweated over?

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