Saturday 17 October 2020


Not much has happened to the Quantum for a little while, this is partly because there's not much to do & partly because I've been rather down.

I have been doing some measuring up & I'm pretty sure the inlet manifold that came with the engine won't fit. I have an ebay serch going for the right one, but so fr the only thing that come up is a pair of bare castings - in Italy.

I think I'm going to have to contruct something to take all the parts from the plstic inlet. We'll see what happens, there's time for the right thing to come up yet.

Today I started making up the new elements for the engine cradle. The upper offside tube needs to run straight forwards & turn in, rather than running diagonally. this means it'll clear the cam wheel cover. I wont be cutting out the diagonal one until the engine's out, but I've made up the braced angle so it can be welded in as soon as the old one's out.

There's a car club run tomorrow, so that'll empty the fuel tank & then it can go on SORN from the end of the month

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