Tuesday 20 October 2020


With foul weather promised for the weekend it looks like the CVH Quantum has travelled it's last - long live the Zetec Quantum!

Things have begun slowly, but they have begun. The two new sub-frame rails have been made & the engine mounting has been modified to fit the engine. I need to get some M10 bolts, but that's a small matter & will pop over to Margnor probably on Friday.

My welding is getting better - helped by the steel being at least 2mm think.

The plan I followed suggested putting a single gusset across the bend in the tube, but if there were to be any flex in the joint, the gusset would be pushing on the flat metal between the corners & would do little to prevent the flexing, so I cut & shaped an off-cut of the 1" box tube so each horizontal web is supported directly, it's not a huge amount stronger, but it is less susceptable to fatigue. It's over-length at the moment, it'll get trimmed to suit when the old one is cut out.

The engine mount is cut, welded, cleaned up & painted ready to get bolted on as soon as I get some bolts.

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