Sunday, 4 October 2020

Off She Went With A Trumpetty Trump - Trump, Trump, Trump!

 I never said I wouldn't modify the Quantum.

I never said that.

People all over the world will tell you, tall people, short people, all the people of the world will tell you I never said that.

Now stand by.......

Life hands us some odd co-incidences, the Fury came from Fisher Sports Cars based in Marden in Kent, Some time after I began it, I was searching ebay for an injected Pinto engine along with it's ECU & injection gear for the Rickman & I found one - in Marden in Kent.

Today, I've picked up an 1800 silvertop Zetec from an Escort GTi (the 130bhp job) along with an ECU, wiring loom, injection gear, starter, engine mount & an ST170 exhaust manifold, that I found on Ebay. It was in Marden in Kent. IT'S ONLY A SMALL PLACE! Getting all this stuff from Kent would be coincidence enough!

So yes, the Quantum is getting an upgrade, installed power going up by oh - about 100%-ish. I was impressed by the car in Wales the handling was really very good - not "very good for a front wheel drive car", just very good, but it ran out of puff on long hills & if I was behind a car doing - say - 50 on an A road, I needed it to be clear from here to the horizon to get an overtake in. If it all works this should give it a similar power to weight ratio to the X-Flow Fury about 175bhp/ton which was good. The Zetec Fury with 300bhp/ton was better, but that car was rear wheel drive.

Not a lot has happened yet, I've done some research & the front subframe needs to be cut & changed - it should be easy enough, the engine goes straight on the gearbox, the ECU will have to be fitted & wired in, the fuel system will probably need a swirl pot & the exhaust will need to be fitted, but in engine swap terms it's small beer.

Since I got it home I've rocked the flywheel enough to know the engine's not seized & I've taken the inlet manifold all to bits. This is particularly annoying because I had an unused one from the Fury's crate Zetec in the garage in Guildford & threw it away on the basis that "I will never need that". The injectors have been tested, one was reluctant, but a little WD40 soon had it clicking merrily, the Idle Speed Control Valve has moved under 12v & the manifold moulding is as I write -in the dish washer. I am supposed to be installing my "spare" dish washer in the garage for parts washing, but I haven't got round to it yet.

So yes, here we go again.

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