Sunday 24 June 2018

Rogue Runners '18 - Epilogue.

When I started looking at the car it was obvious the upper bush mounting had broken in fatigue, so really I was lucky it was broken by a pothole, otherwise it would've gone under braking & the results would've been much worse than a trip home on a truck.

Since then I've taken down the exhaust to get to the fuel tank to get to the wishbone bolts. This is a good thing because the tank was leaking when very full, so I had a look for the cause of that & cut a new access door in the boot floor so I can get to all the connections with the tank in place.

But the real problem remains the wishbones, which are over in Kent getting the apex cut out & replaced with a longer one & a rose joint. Unfortunately the guy doing it was at Brands Hatch one week, then hurt his back, so it's taking a while. But it's gone there because I trust them to do a good job

Perfect fatigue failure!

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