Tuesday 5 June 2018

Rogue Runners '18 - Day 8

Last day & time to pack in the last of the good miles, before heading back to the over-crowded south east. Three of our number had been out on the town again & were looking quite bleary eyed. As four of us left, the other two were about to begin changing the alternator. I of course was passenging, I’d called the RAC & been assured the car would be delivered home between 09:30 & 10:30, which was fine.
First item on the blatting agenda was heading north to do the Horseshoe Pass, then south through some more “unsuitable” roads (sorry Graham – they looked OK on street view) including one where a woman got out of her car to give Brian some firm instructions (which he appeared to enjoy immensely) & at last to Lake Vyrnwy & the opulent surroundings of the Hotel for a coffee stop.
I was called by the RAC & was assured my car would be delivered at 18:00. We also discovered that the alternator couldn’t be swapped because the pulley had to be pulled off & press-fitted to the new one. A local garage was being sought.
We then saw a gaggle of Morgans & a flock of MkII Escorts out for a drive, before reaching the lunch stop & after circumnavigating the medieval streets of Ludlow (possibly several times) we found the out-of-town retail park & the lunch stop.
I was told at 13:14 that my car would be delivered in 2 – 3 hours. We also discovered that the Westfield’s alternator had been fixed, but the clutch cable had broken.

So after waving a fond farewell to Linda, we headed home through the Cotswolds, cutting more & more of the waypoints until we were heading direct for my house. We arrived at 17:20 – at exactly the same time as my car.
So that was it – Rogue Runners over for another year.

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