Saturday, 26 May 2018

Rogue Runners 18 - Prelude

The last week passed very slowly indeed, but eventually the alarm went off at 04:45 on the 19th May – an hour after I woke up. This was day one of Rogue Runners 2018 the “Ferry McFerryface” tour. I crept about the place accumulating belongings & hurled them in the car before setting off at 04:50, only to return after 5 mins as I’d forgotten the cameras. My plan was get through the thames tunnel before the toll started at 06:00. Fortunately we would be heading away (far far away) from Windsor where some royals would be getting married. The weather was forecast dry, the M25 was clear & after an hour I was pulling into the meet point & filling the tank ready for the off.

We would be slightly down on numbers this year as the dates had conflicted for some people & others had work commitments. There were also two who were taking the soft option & had swapped kit cars for production types, so we were a Fury, two Westfields, an Avon to be met later, an Elise & an MX5.

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