Monday 6 November 2017

Close, But No Cigar

A busy weekend, apart from a minor service on No2 daughters car, hanging the exhaust back on the Zafira, mending my wife’s boots, cooking, cleaning etc,  I made new levers for three of the four throttle bodies, eased the sticking No 3 butterfly, hooked the other two TBs up to their levers & adjusted them so they all move the same amount & close when they should be closed (not as easy as it sounds).
I fitted them to the engine, hooked up the cables & found that with full movement of the pedal, I could only get ½ movement on the larger pulley, this didn’t come as much of a surprise, I thought I might be able to adjust the throttle stops, but it wasn’t going to be enough. Then I realised that ½ movement on the pulley is only ¼ movement on the butterflies because of the non-linear motion of the linkage. I checked the Throttle Position Sensor was still correctly calibrated – I’d turned it through 180deg so the wire was pointing down rather than up, where it had been getting in the way of the fuel hose. Also added to the to do list was four new jubilee clips for the hoses that mount the throttle bodies, to replace the four that stripped.
But I could still go for the start yes? No, the battery was flat & the TBs popped out of the hoses when it did turn over.
So I got on with extending the throttle pedal back to the length it was when the car had a X-flow (sigh), it was my usual standard of welding - 15 seconds with the stick welder followed by 15 minutes with the angle grinder to take the lumps off. Which is why I don't weld structure.
That done I retired to the house to let the battery charge.

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