Wednesday 22 November 2017

Angry Unpleasant Deranged Idiotic

This morning I had to drive from my work in Guildford to our "satellite" plant (those who know me will see what I did there) down the A3 in Bordon. To get on the A3, there is a slip road from a small roundabout & on this slip road, two lanes merge into one.

As I approached the merge, following the car in front of me by a couple of car's lengths, I checked around me & there were no cars to my right so I began to move across when my attention was drawn to my rear view mirror - which was full of a German type of car whose drivers enjoy a certain reputation (there's a clue in the title). Note dear reader that my REAR view mirror was full of the car - so I continued to amble across into the one remaining lane at which point the driver behind me blasted on the hooter & drove about 6" off the back of my car with the lights full on.

I thought to myself "really? this is a 136,000 mile, 15 year old, faded Zafira with a robust tow ball at the back, how much do you think I care? At the top of the slip I checked the traffic on the A3 & seeing there was none in the first lane I moved smartly into it in case my new friend was harbouring ideas If getting there first & boxing me onto the slip road. Shortly afterwards he accelerated into the second lane, slowed down alongside me & spent some time gesticulating at me out of the side window before accelerating off - about 20 yards where he came up behind the next car in lane 2.

Anyway, the Fury is running nice & smoothly & the whole throttle linkage is installed & working a treat. The next job is the clutch pedal & cable.

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