Tuesday 2 June 2015

Rogue Runners Day 3 Doune to Sligachan

A good breakfast served up by the slightly strange (in a good way) proprietor & being optimistic I took the hood off, it immediately started raining so I put it back on again & we set off, but all was not well. One of our number had a problem –  the chap that worked out most of the routes & had joined us only the evening before having failed to get all the time off work. He’d driven his seven all the way from the south coast to Doune along the motorways, which is not a pleasant way to travel & had arrived saying the clutch in his car didn’t feel right, so this morning he called the AA & we got a message saying he was being trailered home. Not much of a road trip for him.
Meanwhile the rain was coming & going & we had a new playmate in the form of the only man to be a member of both SKCCs – the Southern & Scottish Kit Car Clubs. We would be driving some of his regular terrain so he led a cracking pace after suggesting we were dawdling by overtaking us, not that that stopped him getting caught by our own roadrunner.

For a coffee stop I led us into the Green Wellie Stop at Tyndrum, a little touristy perhaps, but opportunities to buy pressies for those back home had been few & would get fewer as we want north. The scenery became more spectacular & we drove through Glen Coe (in the drizzle)& Ft William where we stopped for another coffee close to the commando memorial & an excited woman burst from her hiding place in a craft centre to take photos of the cars for her face-book page. After the coffee our fellow blatteer turned for home some way to the south (I believe he may have taken "the low road"
Also in Ft William I collected my second coast. But the clouds stayed low & the drizzle persisted, so I didn’t bother with photos knowing we’d see the eastern sea further north. Eventually we got to Skye & some of the cheapest petrol on the whole trip – at which point it started properly bucketing down. Skye is a land of waterfalls, you don't have to be there to realise what keeps them flowing.

The plan had been to arrive early & take in a tour of the island, but there were delays due to traffic & the weather, so we achieved neither. What we did do was settle in the rather splendid pub attached to our hotel & have a very good meal & a number of beers.

Tomorrow looked brighter on the forecasts, so a plan was hatched to do the short tour of skye first thing. I however had plans of my own......


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