Tuesday 2 September 2014

Not a Good Year

2014 has been a bit of a duff year in Blatterland. I was booked to go on the Rallye-des-Jonquilles, but had to pull out as my job was looking shaky, then I was booked on the SKCC tour of Europe, only to have to cancel that for the same reason, I suffered a spell of ill health, had a break down, separated from my wife (only briefly thank goodness), the daughter's horse was ill, then the daughter was ill & today I've been made redundant, so the car is on a SORN & I've had to cancel my participation in another couple of SKCC runs I was looking forward to (sigh).

I was intending taking the car off the road for the winter anyway as there's some rust on the chassis towards the back that needs dealing with, so a full strip-down is planned, looks like I'll be starting it a month early & I may have more time to do it than I'd anticipated.

So the plan is:-
Drop the fuel tank (unfortunately full of fuel in preparation for this weekend).
Remove all the rear suspension.
Remove the 1/2 shafts & diff.
Remove the exhaust.
Give the rear chassis a damn good wire-brushing.
Treat it with POR15.
Get another job (for preference this item needs to be further up the list).

Fortunately I've bought what I need to do all this up-front.

That's probably little more than a couple of weekends worth, so I may need to find some more cheap things to do to it to keep my mind active.

We'll see what happens.

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