Wednesday 17 September 2014


So, what’s been going on?

The answer is “next to nothing”, still no job, not even a sniff of an interview, though there is something simmering that could be the answer to all my prayers, about which I’m saying nothing in fear of putting the royal kybosh on it.

On the car front I have decided on one mod for the winter tear-down, I need a de-fuel valve. I came to this conclusion while lying on the garage floor, with one arm of my tee-shirt & my hair soaked in petrol trying to empty the fuel tank.

I’d jacked the back-up & slid the petrol can underneath, I’d disconnected the 12mm supply hose, but moving the fuel from one of the tanks to the other seemed to be beyond me. I managed to get most of it into the Zafira, one can at a time, but there was an abundance of spillage. I abandoned the garage in some haste without using anything electrical & had a shower which almost – but not quite entirely removed the smell of unleaded.
I'm promised a quiet day on Saturday, so the plan will be to bag & label as much of the car as possible so the clean up can begin.


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