Saturday 20 September 2014

Back To The Garage

With my wife off doing her hobby & the daughters at the work (yes - they both have jobs now - Hurrah!) I was left to my own devices. The device in question being the Fury.

As I've mentioned The rear chassis needs the loving caress of a wire brush, so I took down the rear valence & the fuel tank, noting a couple of things that needed doing better when it goes back. I also noted some surface damage where bolts have been rubbing against the tank. Nothing serious, but I took a bossing mallet to the areas to get a little more clearance - wonderful stuff aluminium!

I then tried to remove the aluminium panel under the diff, it's attached by ten stainless 4mm bolts into riv-nuts & five of them unscrewed - the other five span. A few I was able to pull through the chassis tube, the others had to have the bolt heads ground off. Altogether a nasty, uncomfortable & unpleasant job, made worse when the claw hammer I was using to pull one of them through, slipped & the panel edge took a lump of skin 1/4" wide by 1/8" deep off my finger - fortunately it was the same finger I nearly took the end off with the jigsaw 18 months ago & the feeling hasn't properly returned yet, so it didn't hurt much. Every cloud, as they say.

So I haven't got very far yet, but on the other hand I wont be needing the car for the foreseeable future either, so I can take my time.

Still to do:-
Remove the rear suspension.
Run a new return pipe from the rear bulkhead to the tank.
Remove all other equipment aft of the rear bulkhead.
Wire-brush all the chassis aft of the rear bulkhead.
Re-treat the chassis.
Re-assemble the rear suspension.
Bleed the brakes.
Re-fit the fuel tank.
Re-fit the rear valence.

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