Wednesday 8 August 2012

Back On The Road

Noble reader, the Fury should be back in use this very eve - note well that I didn't say "finished" & I advisedly used the word "should". Yester-eve I cut back the second wheel arch, trimmed the GRP so the bonnet opens fully, then bonded on the cut-off angle & the bonnet prop bracket.

In theory it just needs the new No. plate & I can use it again. As ever, reality is somewhat more involved & I actually need to:-
properly glass the bonded-on angles in place to replace the lost stiffness,
put the headlamp covers on,
take the heat shielding & intake duct off the old bonnet & bond them onto the new one,
paint the new bonnet with underseal (to protect it from stones).

There's a fish & chip run to Hastings tomorrow eve, bit of a long way but I might pop along.

One irritation that's still ongoing is the insurance payment. Initially it all went well with the engineer turning up & giving the go-ahead to repair the car, but since then there's been no sign of an actual cheque. I've contacted the insurance Co. several times, but on the occasions they've replied, the case seems to have slipped back a notch or two. In desperation I e-mailed the broker (the rather Dickensian sounding Frank Pickles) & within an hour the insurance co. was on the phone to me offering to pay the recovery immediately & the pasts cost ASAP. There was a little back-sliding on that as they later called back requesting receipts for all the parts - I have most of them but not all - so we'll see if a cheque drops onto my doormat. Over all the full cost is less than £2000, which must be quite small in claim terms.

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