Saturday 3 March 2012

Under Pressure.........

........for more reasons than one.
Firstly having worked in the garage all day Friday, I now have oil AND fuel pressure, these are two good things. I did a great deal of finishing off, as a result of which the car just needs the map fed into the ECU & I can attempt to start it. it also needs another fuel rail banjo bolt after the one I modified broke, seems I drilled the bore size out rather too much, but there's an alloy one on it's way from Ebay.

I also decided to raise the engine, as there didn't seem to be a lot of ground clearance, so on one side I raised the mounting with a couple of 5mm plates temporarily fitted. The other side's more difficult to get at, so in my wisdom I fitted the only 50mm engine mount I could find to that side, so when it was done, it was done. It looked good, the engine seemed more level, there was 90mm under the sump, there were no problems with the hoses - result! I tidied up the tools  closed the bonnet - tried to close the bonnet - it seemed "springy" as if something was in the way. Ah, I see what I've done here. The following day I lowered the engine back down, & now the bonnet closes.

The second reason for the "under pressure" tag, is the MoT which is due on the 1st April, so I really should have the car in being tested about now. I really NEED it sorted in the next week.

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