Friday 9 March 2012

There's Good News & There's Bad News

First the good news. The Zetec has run :D .
It was all going so well, just a couple of minor leaks & an electrical problem or two, nothing big. I did need to strengthen the idler wheel bracket after it threw the belt a couple of times. So I decided to clear away the tools & take it up the road.

It wouln’t move :x :( .

When the engine is off the gearbox goes easily into any gear, with the engine running, the lever won’t pass through the gates, but the car creeps forward as pressure is applied. At first I swore at the release bearing thinking I must’ve been supplied with something that wasn’t a CT133 Capri bearing. But the clutch pedal feels normal, so now I’m inclined to believe the clutch plate is corroded to the flywheel.
Disheartened now.

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