Wednesday 7 March 2012

Never Underestimate Your Own Capacity For Stupidity

So, I'd been having problems getting the ECU to talk with the laptop. I dislike electronics, I prefer things to look broken when they break.
After speaking to a couple of folks who are interested in wiggly amps, I established that the connector I'd bought for £2 off Ebay was unlikly to be fully USB compliant, so I bought a much more expensive one (though why doesn't the ECU come with one?) & this evening I repaired the the garage to test out my new purchase. It worked! it actually worked! Overjoyed I set about setting up the sensors, beginning with the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS).
This proved worrisome. The reading, according to the big blue book of words from Omex, the raw output from the TPS should range between about 20 & 255. Mine varied from 170ish to 255, so the ECU thought the throttle was permanently open.
I broke out the multi meter & rechecked the outputs - they were as they were when I'd tested it before, I took the TPS off the Focus manifold that came with the engine - that yielded broadly similar results, I crossed checked all this data with the big blue book of words, everything seemed good. I carefully transcribed all my results into a chart ready to send to Omex in the morning, then as one final check - I compared the wires each side of the connector. Grey went to grey, but pink went to orange & orange to pink. I thought I'd wired it up so carefully. Tomorrow, I shall swap the two errant wires & try again.

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