Tuesday 27 March 2012

There's Something About Fury

The Fury project seems to attract nice people. (OK I would say that) but the two previous owners were always keen to ensure that Fury building & ownership was enjoyable & I've just spoken to the latest owner for the first time. The car failed it's first MoT on the lower front suspension joints, I bought replacements but found that the lock nuts had seeming been tightened up by a troll & were corroded on. I heaved at them with a very large spanner & succeded only in rounding off some of the corners, so I resorted to the dremel & cut them off the car, then found they are an obscure imperial thread & could find no more - even Margnor (http://www.margnor-online.co.uk/) who are usually brilliant failed me on this occasion.

I called Steve at Fury Sportscars (http://www.furysportscars.co.uk/) & he's put a couple in the post for me, FoC. What a nice man, I shall book the car in for a geometry check & corner weighting session later in the year.

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