Saturday 2 July 2011

On The Road Again!

Spent all day wrestling the gearbox into the car, I must have been having a bad day because everything that could go wrong, did, I spent a hour looking for the clutch fork including looking in the engine bay several times, then I found it lying on the exhaust manifold – in the engine bay. Any tool I put down vanished, only to re-appear ten minutes later on the other side of the car, any nut or bolt I dropped (& there were many) disappeared into the most inaccessable crevice if could find.

When it was finally in & ready though, it fired up first time. First impressions are good, the brakes seem more powerful & more progressive, & the gear change is neat & precise. There is a little vibration when turning left, so I think the bell housing is just touching the chassis, I’ll look into that today.

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