Sunday 24 July 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

There were blats I could've gone on both yesterday and today, but yesterday's was out as I had to provide a tug service to move the caravan to Poole where Mrs Blatter, daughter-the-younger, the increasingly page3 girl shaped daughter-the-elder, & daughter-the-elder's taciturn boyfriend will be spending the week.

I arrived home yesterday evening & went to bed - this was a mistake as when I logged on to the SKCC's forum this morning another run had been hastily assembled & it was too late to go on it.

So what to do? Well the kitchen still needs work, so I plumbed in the radiator, then set about the garden - I am no gardener & tend to adopt a "slash-and-burn" approach where perhaps a little gentle pruning might be more appropriate. while looking around with a tree lopper in one hand & a "big" saw in the other my eyes fell upon the leylandii - or as there's just the one of it - leyland. Topiary sprang to mind, so I lay down the gardening-tools-of-mass-destruction & selected instead the garden shears, nipping here, trimming there, standing back to get the long view, before advancing to sculpt again, until .........what do you think?

I call it "beer can" Of course you may not be able to pick out the finer detail, the only photographic equipment available to me was my old ME Super - & two weeks waiting for the photo to come back would take the edge off the artistic impact - or the i-Pod & ironically it turns out that you can't put an i-Pod on a tri-Pod - who'd have thought?

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