Tuesday 12 April 2011

Weekend In The Country

There's four of us in our family, My wife & I & two daughters. The chance of a weekend at a Center Parc (why the Franco American spelling??) led to a friend for each daughter being invited, but how to get there? Well, we have a seven seat car & all my luggage fitted in the same small holdall I took last weekend, so just the Zafira would be OK yes? No, there were five women in this party, so we needed both the Zaf & the Rickman (with it's roof rack on) to carry all the luggage. To be fair, part of that was due to the dietary requirements of one of our party, so we needed to take a great deal of specialist food with us, & all six bikes would have meant that the Zaf was somewhat festooned, but no - two cars it had to be. So two weekends away in two kit cars, both went splendidly well, averaging over 35mpg.

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