Monday 18 April 2011

It's Spanner Time!

So I got home from work at 13:00, started working on the Ranger at 13:30. By 17:00 I had the old box out, the clutch checked for the Fury engine swap, the bellhousing, release bearing & arm swapped, the new box in & bolted up.

The following morning I re-fitted the starter motor, the speedo drive & the clutch, bolted the prop in place "prop"erly & took it out for a spin.

Disaster. There's no reverse lock-out & it won't stay in fifth. Feeling a little deflated I sat thinking about it, took the gear stick out again & immediately noticed that a small clip was fitted the wrong way round in the selector housing of the new box compared to the old one, so I swapped that & also realised that the reverse lock-out cam was missing from the new one altogether. This seems to be a press fit so I can't just swap it from the old one. I'll see what devious means I can come up with to "persuade" it out.

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