Sunday 30 April 2023

Jam On Top Tour - Epilogue

So, what did we learn?

This was the first time we'd all ventured into Devon together & we found the the roads were pretty good as long as you kept off the small ones.

Our B&B, Lasham House was very nice & the cars were well out of the public eye, the proprietor's 13 year old son is a bit of a petrol head & couldn't believe his luck that a bunch of interesting cars had arrived & he could photograph them & sit in them. He was very polite, very careful around the cars & a proper enthusiast. What a shame he'll grow up in a world of bland electric-mobiles.

If planning it again (& a few people have expressed an interest) I would avoid the small roads. In other places we go they break up the duller bits of a route & make a change, in north Devon they were strewn with grass, mud & rocks & really not worth bothering with.

I also learned that Bristol isn't a good place to get lost & that the M4 is not a good way to get home.

On the upside, when the roads were good, they were EPIC, with really steep hills, proper hairpins & little traffic, the coffee stops were all good, especially the Quince Honey Farm, the £3 toll road was very nice (the £2 one wasn't).

So who knows, there may well be a RogueRunners Devon '24

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