Sunday 30 April 2023

Blackbushe - Apr

The first trip to the Blackbushe meet this year, I was up early to wash Devon off the Stylus & got there before the field was full. As ever at this meet there was a "broad church" of cars from what appeared to be a Model T racer, to a MkI Focus

This AC left the factory looking like the purple one below 

Really not sure which I prefer. I might have to have both

Slightly curious looking from the rear, but not in a bad way


I liked this.

It was found rusted out, chassis broken & the owner has sort of restored it, but with MGB running gear, disc brakes, TR2 front wheels, TR6 rear, IKEA fruit bowls for hub caps. All of it has been changed, but changed to look like it comes from 1938.

Engine bay was very clever, The 1930s fire extinguisher is actually the radiator expansion tank.

There cant be too many old commercial vehicles left in America

And again......

Engine bay was immaculate - sounded like thunder that had gargled with gravel, then got really angry.

Lancia - Unlike the green & Black Morris above which has suicide front doors, normal rear, this had suicide rear doors & normal front, both latched at the roof with no B pillar at all. Took the guy five weeks to get them to shut nicely.

It's the blue one, really nice looking car.

He was about to take it to Spain!

1950s excess.

Rover 110 with an ENORMOUS V8


Big Healey with a removable section of front wing over the carbs - means business.

The epitome of good taste (ahem).

I may need to do something similar (ish) when by bike is restored.

And then this tuned up.

Where do you even buy white tyres??

It is quite, quite mad.

And the more I looked at it, the madder it got.

The brake shoes are on the outside of the drums

Floors are for wimps

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