Sunday 22 January 2023

Waiting - Waiting

 Still waiting for the 1st Feb & getting some road tax on the Stylus, yes I could just tax it from 1st Jan, but it's very very cold & there's a great deal of salt on the roads.

But in the mean time I've spent the day at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon. I visited once before, maybe 15 years ago, at that stage it was VERY DEFINITELY the British Leyland museum, awash with minis & Land Rovers & a few interesting prototypes. That's all changed now & there are a couple of Lotus', some Vauxhalls & even a Ford or two!

So you'll be wanting some photos I expect?

The second British built Model T - no instruments. At all! None

Mr Weasley's actual Anglia - it was remarkable for not flying while we were there

How cute is an A30 soft top?

Vauxhall concept car. Stunning, but missing a few things - like mirrors, a rear 3/4 view & any chance of having wipers, 

BL's equivalent car. A much more realistic proposition, what a shame they never made it.

Aero TR2 speed record car

Lotus XI - It may look like a barbeque-with-a-bonnet, but it spawned all the sevens.


Yes, yes I know most folk prefer the "long nose" D-Type.

I don't.

Weirdness on Wheels.

A two-stroke engine pointing out the back, no rear suspension at all (the body was mounted on springs), suicide front suspension, with no shock-absorbers (or brakes), I can only hope it was very slow indeed.

Looking exactly like a prop from a Wallace & Grommit film, the "Octopus Electrical Service" machine was built to test "rotating electrical equipment" - distibutors, dynamos etc 

Vauxhalls - I told you there were Vauxhalls

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