Sunday 29 January 2023

Finished (Again)

After another day cutting, filing & poking my head up the rear wheel arch, the filler cap is done. In theory today was a simple assembly job, but it's never simple is it & I had to trim the hole in the rear wing just a little, paint the brackets & rivet them on - which turned out to be a nightmare job where the rivet gun wouldn't fit in the boot in any orientation (sigh) But it's done now & while the cap is only about 10mm lower than it was, it looks part of the car rather than looking like an add on.

If I ever get round to re-painting the car I'll sink it deeper, but that would require more bodywork.

So once again, the car's finished ready to be taxed from the 1st of next month. As luck would have it I have work jollies on the 1st & the second, so there's not much opportunity for road testing, but fingers crossed it'll all work nicely.

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