Sunday, 31 July 2022

Blackbushe Again Again

 Last time at Blackbushe my brother got chatting to a guy about MG Magnette parts & it turned out that each had parts the other wanted, so this time I drove quite carefully to the aerodrome with a cylinder head in the minimal boot.

The weather wasn't too promising, but the rain held off & we rolled into the meet area & parked up. Again there was a good range of unusual cars there, a mini with a turbo Type R engine hanging out of the front & the only E-Type I've seen that made me say Wow.

it looked for a while as if I would be taking the cylinder head back with me, but the Magnette arrived shortly after us & parts were exchanged.

Also arriving just after us were my Nephew & his Girlfriend who were on their way back from the "HotRod Hayride". the were in the Devon, now featuring a roofrack with wicker basket & a boot forced open by luggage - the therefore looked cooler than a cool thing.

I was engaged in conversation by a guy asking what the engine in the Stylus was, I explained it's a Zetec, but with all the plastic removed & the coil pack re-located to make it look as old as the car looks as if it should be, he nodded & said nice things about it & the next time I saw him he was getting into this...

I'm not generally a fan of an E-Type, but this one was EPIC. not only did it look fantastic, but it was an actual racer & has been crashed & re-built several times, which makes for a proper back-story.

So once again, a good morning at Blackbushe. the organisation is laid-back, but efficient, the visitors are enthusiasts, interested & responsible (no burn-outs when leaving), so long may it continue.


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