Saturday, 13 August 2022

Another Week, Another Car Show

Slightly different this one, in as much as the public gets no choice in whether it goes or not.

Collectively Camberley is held in the town centre, by the simple expedient of closing the roads & parking the cars on the pavement. There was a good selection, from ancient to modern modified, classic to comic, so even if the public wasn't particularly interested, there were things to look at as they went about their business.

I obviously timed my arrival badly & got parked up between a Rover 110 & two Spitfires, oh well, better luck next time.

Supercharged Mini - a triumph of packaging

RestoMod Notchback Mustang, very nice.

A BMW Z3 under a skin

NSU RO80 - look it up, in the days of MkII Cortinas, these looked like the future had arrived early, but rust & Wankel seal wear put paid to them pretty quickly.

"Who let the Dodge out"

Very early LWB LandRover. Have a word with whoever made that exhaust maybe?

I expect it's owner likes it

Edd China was there with the Orange.

Another Z3 in a skin

I shold've gone back when this wasn't 1/2 in shade. MkII Zodiac with a Mustang V8. Very nicely done.

Early Kit Car - Charger?

It says 636CuIn - I'll save you getting the calculator, it's almost 10 1/2 Litres. Chassis fabrication was sublime.

The BBC was there

Just lovely

If you're selling high tech stuff, you'd want a van to attract attention right?

Love a nice 100e & this one had wide steelies & an Aquaplane set up

Locally coachbuilt Anglia

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