Sunday 5 June 2022

Farnham Festival of Transport

 An alert from a western SKCC member (thanks Hammy) sent me to Farnham where there was a "festival of transport" The Stylus was waved straight in & directed to a parking bay, & I wandered about the cars varying from a shiny new Konigsegg to a micro car resembling a lego brick with a 90cc engine, 3 wheels & rollers at the front in case it tipped over.

Stunning 47 Chevy pickup - it's not pink, it's peach, it says so on the side just in case there was any confusion

But you wouldn't want to get something out of the back if you were short

A GT40's always nice to see & two is even nicer

Orange wheels - it's the future

Someone said this ^^ was the actual car used in The Italian Job - it isn't.

If someone said they owned a supercharged Porsche, I bet this isn't what you'd think of

Rover 110 with a little extra

Not my thing, but other folk seemed to be impressed.
F40 - the last "proper" Ferrari?

Nice, a Singer apparently

Nice at the other end too

The star of the show - if you wanted attention this got it. Just under the front you can see the anti-tip castors.

Well, when I say the star, it wasn't my favourite car there.

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